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WDON Is Currently:

5 Stations

The main station of WDON is fresher than ever

with tons of new music and fresh tracks yet to be released.

Cool R&B and rare HipHop stuff included for free…


M-FM, a tribute to a station

I used to run in the old days. M-FM plays classic hits

from the 80s and 90s with the autentic jingles

we used back then, and the DJ is yours truly.


DANCE is pumping the dancefloor. Damn hot dance stuff.


60s is as the name says…music from the 1960s.

Theres also some obscure tracks from the norwegian

history of rock, with the timespan from 1958 to 1977.


And then we got CHRISTMAS.

24/7/365. Christmas all year, all the time. Nonstop 🙂

How to contact

Please wait. All our operators are occupied at the moment. Make sure you have your visa card and all codes nessesary ready.

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Feedback and ideas

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