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For a number of years, we have been developing sound pressure for a bucket load of radiostations around the universe. We still do. But now we decided to keep the coolest audioprocessing to our self. Not completely true…but some seems to think so. More braging over at wdon.no

We have spendt a lifetime chasing the best sound money can buy without spending to much of it. At the shelf we do have some rare boxes in both colors, black and beige. These boxes do stuff that you as a listener never would believe was possible or necessary. As the sound geek/processing guru that some of you are, you would probably understand some of it.

On The Air we use both digital stuff processing and antient analog stuff making the sound big. But only we know which station is processed with what tool. As I said, this is purely GEEK TALK.

Now lets get back to the music… play.ipcast.eu

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Please wait. All our operators are occupied at the moment. Make sure you have your visa card and all codes nessesary ready.

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