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Oppsummering … summary

Hva har skjedd i det siste? Her er en oppsummering av det grøvste frem t.o.m. februar 2014:

Wazz Upp and shit? This is a short summary about whats been going on up until marsh 2014. Some of it is in norwegian, some is not…. :

BRAND NEW SERVER SHIT … again…per 26 feb.2014

Oppgradert serversystem, nye adresser for lytting. Upgraded serversystems. New adress for online listening.

Har foretatt noen oppjusteringer og byttet litt maskinvare, oppdater lyttelinkene dine. Done some adjustments and changed some machines down the line. Update you listen-to bookmarks.

Servere nå i utlandet. Server now in a foreign country.



Oppgradert studio. Upgraded studio.

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