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The Music

Some of the tracks have some quality issues but I’ve kept them in there since I think its a cool track.

When it comes to choosing songs and tracks, I’ve trusted my own taste. The archive I have is large. Very large. So I’ve pickt a handfull of tracks. Hope you like them. Some old stuff and some new stuff in a nice mix. I dont think there are that many stations that does a mix from 70 punk with to days ass shaking titty jumping girls… I do. And I like it.

I like the tracks and thats why they are on the playlists. Some tracks gets trashed when I find stuff that don’t work or that I don’t like. And new stuff gets added continuously.


So, down to business. Still talking about the WDON MainStation…

Its based upon US & UK Top 40, with some other cuntries Top 40 tracks in between. And some oldtimers hits. And some other rare stuff. Its not a pure Top40 station. Not even a pure CHR station. The playlist also contains some album cuts and some alternative tracks. Even 70-punk tracks. Even tracks from artists that have played at The South by South West festivals. We’re talking a big variety  here. One of the reasons is when testing prosessing settings (read the sound page), does the listener react or don’t they when we mix from The Hollies or Rolling Stones to Beyoinc…Bejon…Bajaoonce…damn it. Fakk it. Its a cool track and we dig it.

The music span is from 1960 and up, with a main focus on todays tracks. Almost a schizo playlist with a narcissistic DJ that contantly talks about himself in third person… There is a reason for it all 🙂

The other 4 channels speak for them self…I don’t think I’ll have to explane what their dig is 🙂

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