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The Name

Whats up with the name?

As a homage to the US stations and to the original WDON, I chose for different reasons to steal it and to stick with it. Let me try to explane:
Back when I startet with the sound prosessing demos I needed some jingles to feel that it was more like a radiostation and to break up the music sweeps. And since most of my clients was from around the world, i chose to use “call letters”. The female voice is a standard voiceover from MacOS.

From back in the day, I was granted the nickname Don’T. The main reason was that I had to mark my real-to-real tapes with obscure messages to prevent them from being deleted by others. So I marked my tapes with don’t this and don’t that…then in the end I just wrote don’t. Some years later a friend started calling me Don (then my name)…some kinda mafia movie fan…like Corleone… Further down the road, I got online (during 1996), and I needed a nickname/handle. It kinda came by it self. DonT. Then it became Mr.DonT. So did the name of my so-called radiostation…W-DON. Could have used some of the old station names that i own and produced jingles for, like MFM, which was the first 100% playlist controlled music station in Norway. And I was the dead brain behind it. But I wanted something new. Starting all over. Fresh. So thats the short version of why WDON.

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