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We dont transmit live in the classic old fasion. The reason is that I then need a studio with a fat interweb connectionat the end. And a big-ass ‘puter to run the music…and a bigger-ass ‘puter to make the sound. That cost more that I can put into it at the moment. Another thing is that the sound of the stream changes rapidly, depending on settings that clients that want my sound, want to hear. So in that matter, the sound you hear cahnges during the day and thats not a misstake. Its intended. And it will be for some time.
Today the studio is located far out in the winderness and the only connection to the world is via mobile broadband…that comes and goes…no steady connection there… So, yes, its WDON is kinda preproduced. Some of it is. But not all the time… 🙂


Now we’re LIVE 24/7 🙂

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Please wait. All our operators are occupied at the moment. Make sure you have your visa card and all codes nessesary ready.

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