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DaBoss, The DJ and the main voiceover dude, Me Myself and I …torolfb


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Who is this guy that jumps inn from time to time with some foreign lang messages?

(with help from google translate)
Well, here’s the thing . Aris and me was working together for a radio station in the late ’80s , and while the airwaves were stuffed full of regards and long distance detications to Aunt Olga, stolen cars and another blurb from A to Z , we chose that time to cut the BS. And this is where Aris arrives. At that time student / copywriter in the advertising profession and full of strange messages and ideas, he started to write clean BS messages. In short, I found a bunch of real-to-real tapes and other old fun, some recording on a reel tapes that we did in 1989. And you’ll hear these in between all the other crap :). Just so that you will not forget how boring it is with to much talk when the music is in focus … therefore it is important that what is beeing said is actually relevant…or just leav it out. In the end its all about the music.
Thanks for the great memories on tape , Aris, you are hereby credited 🙂

Today Aris is the CEO / Chief Creative in something called Fatatsu Industries and do some real fun creative stuff.

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